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Zenind Inc. is a technology company that builds business service solutions for SMBs. Small and medium-sized business owners can use our easy-to-use and affordable software to form an entity in the United States and stay compliant with ongoing state requirements & mandates. We are committed to providing the highest quality services that help businesses succeed and help the economy grow by removing the frictions in business operations and increasing transparency in the industry.

Shaping the Future

Collaborating with Industry Pioneers

Business Idea

If you have a business idea, the best thing to do is to capture the opportunity now. The sooner you get started, the better. You don't want to wait too long.

Create Your Company

Form a company and turn your business idea into reality. A legal entity protects startup founders from personal liability for the debts and obligations of the business.

Run & Grow

Build your products, reach out to more customers, build your own team... Unleash the unlimited potential of your business and grow your business in your own way.

Company Formation
Should Be Simple

We provide an easy-to-use company formation online application for new startup founders without business experience or incorporation knowledge.

  • Excellent Service

    Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team of experienced professionals takes great pride in our work and has a long history of success in the industry.

  • Paperless

    We strive to be good stewards of the environment and are committed to protecting it for future generations.

Professional & Affordable

Launch your company smoothly, and save money for your company.

Save Money

Zenind offers affordable, best-in-class services with transparent pricing to startup founders like you.

Professional Team

Your company formation will be handled by experienced professionals who are committed to our work.

Beyond Formation

company formation is only the first step of doing business. We are expanding our product offerings to help startup founders succeed.