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Zenind offers affordable, best-in-class services with transparent pricing to startup founders like you. Zenind Business Formation is a comprehensive package of services that will help you start your business in the US, from business registration to compliance service, starting at $49*. We will help you with the entire process, so you can focus on your business.

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* State fees are not included.

Other services

Registered Agent Service

Regulatory and tax notices, subpoenas, and other legal documents, such as correspondence and subpoenas, will be received by your company's registered agent on its behalf. The state governments mandate that all formal business entities, such as LLCs or corporations, have a registered agent. Zenind offers Registered Agent service in 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Zenind RAS is priced at $99 per year, and the first year is included in Zenind Business Formation Suite.

$99 / year

  • Available to all types of legal entities
  • 5 scanned mails per year at no charge
  • Online & email assistance

EIN Obtainment Service

An EIN is a distinct nine-digit number that serves as your company's tax identification number. Similar to a Social Security number, but solely for use with business-related transactions. You will require an EIN as a business owner in order to create a business bank account, submit business license applications, and file your tax returns.


  • US citizens/residents & foreign business owners without SSN/ITIN
  • Assignment progress tracking
  • Online & email assistance

Tailored Operating Agreement Template

An operating agreement outlines your LLC's internal organization and processes, which is crucial to its success. It also specifies how meetings will be conducted, how membership interests will be transmitted, and the duties and rights of the management, officers, and members.


  • Tailored to your LLC and its members
  • Standard agreement
  • Online & email assistance

Tailored Bylaws Template

A bylaws document is significant to the business since it outlines the internal organization and processes of the enterprise. Additionally, it specifies how meetings are conducted, what votes are necessary to make decisions, how stock should be issued, as well as the duties and rights of shareholders, directors, and executives.


  • Tailored to your corporation and its founders
  • Standard bylaws
  • Online & email assistance

DBA (Doing Business As)

If you want your business to operate under a name other than the registered company, you must register a DBA (Doing Business As) name. We will conduct a usability review of the DBA you wish to use and submit the relevant forms to the state government.

$99 + state filing fee

  • Availability check
  • Progress tracking
  • Online & email assistance

Certificate Of Good Standing

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) sometimes need to demonstrate that they are in good standing in the state of incorporation. This certificate aims to ensure that the corporation or limited liability company (LLC) fulfills its responsibilities as a legal entity to the state.

$129 + state filing fee

  • Progress tracking
  • Online & email assistance

Compliance & Annual Report Service

Zenind offers compliance reports to track state compliance requirements such as annual reports, and alerts business owners before the deadlines. Zenind will help you file an annual report to the state government for your business. State fees are not included.

$100 / year

  • Monitor compliance requirements
  • Email alerts
  • Annual report filing

Trademark Registration

By registering for U.S. federal trademark protection, trademark owners are eligible to receive several benefits. Registering your trademarks is a good way to maintain their trademark rights on social networking sites.

Contact us

  • Email alerts
  • Online & email assistance

Accounting Services

Connect your business to an accountant after business formation. Bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, and more. You will get a free quote based on your needs. This feature is available on Zenind Business Dashboard.

Get a Free Quote

  • Available after business formation
  • Experienced accountants

Business Formation
Should Be Simple

We provide an easy-to-use business formation workflow for new startup founders without business experience or incorporation knowledge.

  • Paperless

    We strive to be good stewards of the environment and are committed to protecting it for future generations.

  • Excellent Service

    Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team of experienced professionals takes great pride in our work and has a long history of success in the industry.

Professional & Affordable

Launch your business smoothly, and save money for your business.

Save Money

Zenind offers affordable, best-in-class services with transparent pricing to startup founders like you.

Professional Team

Your business formation will be handled by experienced professionals who are committed to our work.

Beyond Formation

Business formation is only the first step of doing business. We are expanding our product offerings to help startup founders succeed.

Zenind is a reliable incorporation service provider. Our team easily incorporated our US based company via Zenind Business Dashboard during COVID-19.

Sihan Sun, Co-Founder of Ducky Store LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Zenind will provide your company's registered address (included in Registered Agent Service) in your state of incorporation.

No. Foreigners are allowed to form LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) and C Corporations in the United States.

Zenind will publish your corporate documents to your Zenind Business Dashboard and you will be able to download your corporate documents once they become available.

Zenind provides multiple communication channels including online contact forms and email support. We also offer phone support during normal business hours.

If you have further questions, please contact us .

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