How to Apply Your Zenind Credits to an Order

Sep 11, 2023Jason X.

Zenind, the trusted platform providing a wide range of business formation services to startups and entrepreneurs, values its users and offers Zenind credits as a way to reward and appreciate their loyalty. Zenind credits can be used to offset the cost of services, making it even more convenient and cost-effective to access the platform's valuable offerings. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of applying your Zenind credits to an order, helping you make the most of this rewarding benefit.

Step 1: Log In to Your Zenind Account

To get started, visit the Zenind website and log in to your account using your email address and password. Once you've successfully logged in, you'll be directed to the Zenind business dashboard. The dashboard is your central hub for managing your Zenind services, credits, and orders.

Step 2: Check Your Zenind Credit Balance

Before applying credits to an order, it's essential to check your current Zenind credit balance. You can do this by locating the "Credits" section on Payment Methods page on the billing dashboard. Your available credit balance will be displayed, allowing you to see how much credit you have to apply to your order.

Step 3: Select the Service You Wish to Purchase

Next, navigate to the "Services" page using the menu on the left side of the business dashboard. Here, you'll find a list of available services offered by Zenind. Browse through the selection and choose the service you wish to purchase. Click on the "Purchase" button next to the desired service to proceed.

Step 4: Review Your Order

After selecting the service, you'll be directed to the order summary page. Review the details of your order, including the service name, quantity, and total cost. Ensure that all information is accurate before proceeding.

Step 5: Apply Your Zenind Credits

On the order summary page, you'll find an option to apply your Zenind credits to the order. This may be presented as a checkbox, slider, or input field. Select the desired amount of credits you wish to apply, keeping in mind that the amount must not exceed your available credit balance or the total cost of the order.

Once you've applied the credits, you'll see an updated order total reflecting the credit deduction. The remaining balance, if any, will be the amount you need to pay using your preferred payment method.

Step 6: Complete the Order

After applying your Zenind credits, select your preferred payment method and enter the necessary payment details to cover any remaining balance. Review your order once more to ensure everything is correct, and then click the "Submit" or "Pay Now" button to complete the order.

Step 7: Confirm the Successful Application of Credits

Upon successful completion of the order, you'll receive an order confirmation from Zenind, which will include details of the applied credits. Additionally, you can check your updated credit balance in the "Credits" section to confirm that the credits have been deducted accordingly.


Applying your Zenind credits to an order is a simple and rewarding way to benefit from the platform's wide array of services. Whether you're forming a new business or seeking expert guidance for business growth, Zenind is committed to providing a user-friendly experience and valuable rewards. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly apply your Zenind credits and continue to enjoy the exceptional services and support that Zenind has to offer.

Disclaimer: The content presented in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, tax, or professional advice. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, Zenind and its authors accept no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions. Readers should consult with appropriate legal or professional advisors before making any decisions or taking any actions based on the information contained in this article. Any reliance on the information provided herein is at the reader's own risk.

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