The Top States to Start a U.S. Company

Oct 20, 2023Jason X.


Starting a business in the United States comes with a plethora of decisions, but one of the first—and most important—is choosing which state to incorporate in.

While options abound, Delaware, Wyoming, and Colorado consistently rank as some of the best states to set up shop.

In this article, we will explore the unique advantages each of these states offers to business owners.

Delaware: The Corporation Haven

Why Delaware?

When it comes to establishing a corporation in the United States, Delaware is often the first state that comes to mind. More than one million businesses, including over 60% of Fortune 500 companies, are incorporated in Delaware. But what precisely contributes to the state's appeal?

Legal Environment

The foundation of Delaware's attraction lies in its robust legal infrastructure, primarily its Court of Chancery. Established in 1792, this specialized court handles corporate disputes without juries, relying instead on judges who are experts in the complex nuances of corporate law. With over two centuries of legal precedent, the court provides a degree of predictability that is comforting to business owners.

Tax Benefits

Delaware's tax structure is another cornerstone of its appeal. There is no state corporate income tax for companies that operate outside Delaware, nor are there capital shares or stock transfer taxes. Additionally, if the company’s shares are owned by individuals outside of Delaware, no income tax is charged.

Privacy and Flexibility

The state has somewhat lax requirements when it comes to public disclosure. For example, Delaware does not require businesses to name their officers or directors when filing. This provides a level of anonymity that is not available in most other states.


Delaware’s corporate laws are flexible and generally pro-management, allowing the board of directors broad powers in managing the corporation unless the certificate of incorporation or bylaws specifically limit those powers.

The Downside

Despite its many benefits, Delaware is not without drawbacks. The state's franchise taxes can be high for larger businesses, and businesses located outside of Delaware will often need to hire a Registered Agent within the state, adding to operational costs.

Zenind Registered Agent in Delaware

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Wyoming: The First and Still One of the Best

Why Wyoming?

Wyoming, often overshadowed by Delaware, has emerged as an attractive alternative for business incorporation. It was the first state to permit the formation of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in 1977 and has maintained a business-friendly reputation ever since.


Wyoming offers considerable flexibility in the structuring of companies, including the allocation of profits and losses, unlike some states that have more rigid rules. This allows business owners to customize their operations in a manner best suited to their needs.

Asset Protection

Wyoming is renowned for its strong asset protection laws, which often extend beyond what most other states offer. For example, Wyoming provides charging order protection for single-member LLCs, a feature that many states do not offer.

Tax Advantages

Similar to Delaware, Wyoming levies no state corporate income taxes. Additionally, there is no tax on capital gains or the share of stock sales. The state's annual report fees are also remarkably low, usually under $100.

Business Incentives

Wyoming offers a variety of business incentives, including grants for training employees and low-interest loans for land and buildings. These programs aim to reduce the cost of doing business in the state and to attract more businesses to establish operations there.

The Downside

Though Wyoming offers many benefits, it does require out-of-state businesses to maintain a Registered Agent within its jurisdiction. Additionally, businesses that operate predominantly outside of Wyoming may not see as many tax benefits as those that operate within the state.

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Colorado: The Rising Star of Business Incorporation

Why Colorado?

Colorado, a state known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor recreational activities, is rapidly gaining traction as a business hub. Its diverse economy, high quality of life, and entrepreneurial spirit make it an attractive option for business owners and startups alike.

A Haven for Startups

Colorado ranks first in the nation for its startup density, reflecting a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The state offers a plethora of co-working spaces, accelerators, and incubators, providing ample resources and networking opportunities for new businesses.

Regulatory Climate

Colorado is noted for its business-friendly regulatory environment. The state has one of the lowest business formation fees in the country. This makes it easier and more affordable for entrepreneurs to start their business operations.

Industry Versatility

Colorado is unique in the sense that it welcomes a wide array of industries. From tech startups to the burgeoning cannabis sector, the state provides an accommodating environment for various types of businesses.

Tax Considerations

While Colorado's income tax rate of 4.55% and a corporate tax rate of 24% are not the most competitive, the state makes up for it with its above-average business survival rate and various incentives and tax credits for businesses in certain sectors.

The Downside

Despite its many advantages, Colorado's cost of living can be high, particularly in and around cities like Denver and Boulder. Businesses may also face stiff competition due to the state's high concentration of startups.

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When it comes to starting a business in the U.S., Delaware, Wyoming, and Colorado each offer their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Delaware is famed for its robust legal environment and tax benefits; Wyoming offers flexibility and strong asset protection; and Colorado is a rising star, known for its entrepreneurial ecosystem and versatile industry options. Businesses should consider their specific needs and consult with professionals to make the most informed choice.

For those looking to simplify regulatory compliance and ensure timely receipt of all legal and tax notices, Zenind's Registered Agent service is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, making it easier for you to focus on growing your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lena M
    Feb 04, 2024

    Why should a business consider using Zenind's Registered Agent service in Colorado?

    • Team (US)
      Mar 13, 2024

      Zenind's Registered Agent service in Colorado ensures efficient handling of legal and regulatory documents, keeping businesses compliant with state laws and providing timely assistance in tax matters.

  • Eleanor B
    Dec 15, 2023

    How does Colorado's entrepreneurial ecosystem contribute to its attractiveness for startups?

    • Team (US)
      Feb 05, 2024

      Colorado's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem with co-working spaces, accelerators, and networking opportunities fosters a supportive environment for startups to thrive and grow their businesses successfully.

  • Wayne B
    Nov 16, 2023

    What are the advantages of forming a company in Wyoming compared to other states?

    • Team (US)
      Jan 21, 2024

      Wyoming offers flexibility in company structuring, strong asset protection laws, tax advantages such as no state corporate income taxes, and various business incentives.